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Sr. No. Date HS Code Country Description Quantity Unit Per Unit (INR) Value (INR) Port of Discharge Cus.Duty / CCR More Details
1 17-Mar-16 84714900 GERMANY 2-A0DF-2001 KBOX A-103 E3845 4GB/16GB DESKTOP SMARC-SXBIT E3845 4GB MEMORY 16GB ONBOARD EMMC DISKTOP 1 NOS 41577.62 41577.62 Bangalore ACC Duty More
2 04-Dec-15 87089900 MALAYSIA DS112-01AY-R, N SMARC '11 FRT FENDER W S/ LAMP HOLE RH (NEW AUTO SPARE PARTS) 3 PCS 746.34 2239.03 Tuglakabad ICD Duty More
3 28-Sep-15 84733099 GERMANY 51006-1000-4-4 SMARC-SXQUI X1021 400MHZ 1GB DDR3 ECC (PARTS OF COMPUTER) 1 NOS 6040.03 6040.03 Bangalore ACC Duty More
4 28-Sep-15 84733099 GERMANY 51100-0000-00-0 SMARC EVALUATION CARRIER (PARTS OF COMPUTER) 2 NOS 18202.84 36405.69 Bangalore ACC Duty More
5 28-Sep-15 84733099 GERMANY 51004-4016-19-4 SMARC WITH INTEL ATOM E3845 4X1.91 GHZ 4GB DDR3L ECC MEMORY DOWN 16GB MLC EMMC (PARTS OF COMPUTER) 1 NOS 18616.54 18616.54 Bangalore ACC Duty More
7 28-Sep-15 84733099 GERMANY 51100-0000-00-0 SMARC EVALUATION CARRIER (PARTS OF COMPUTER) 1 NOS 18202.84 18202.84 Bangalore ACC Duty More
8 28-Sep-15 84733099 GERMANY 51003-1040-08-4 SMARC WITH FREESCALE MX6 QUAD CUAD 800MHZ QUAD CORE 1GB DRAM MEMORY DOWN,4GB ONBORD(PARTS OF COMPUTER) 1 NOS 10011.56 10011.56 Bangalore ACC Duty More
9 28-Sep-15 84733099 GERMANY 51003-000-99-1 HEATSPREADER FOR SMARC-SAMX6I FULL SIZED VERSION (PARTS OF COMPUTER) 1 NOS 744.66 744.66 Bangalore ACC Duty More
10 26-Aug-15 84733099 GERMANY 51004-4016-19-4 - SMARC MODULE WITH INTEL ATOM PROCESSOER E3800 SERIES WITH EXTREMELY LOW-PROFILE AND HIGH GRAPHICS 1 NOS 21147.73 21147.73 Bangalore ACC Duty More
11 26-Aug-15 84199090 GERMANY 51004-0000-99-1 - HEAT SPREADER FOR SMARC -SXBT(51004-4016-19-4) 1 NOS 572.59 572.59 Bangalore ACC Duty More
12 10-Jun-15 84733099 GERMANY 51006-1000-04-4 SMARC-SXQUI X1021 1E PRESERIE -SMART MOBILITY ARCHITECTURE ULTRA LOW POWER COM BASED ON FREESCALE 1 NOS 6463.96 6463.96 Bangalore ACC Duty More
13 05-May-15 84733099 GERMANY 51100-0000-00-0 SMARC EVALUATION CARRIER [ PARTS FOR COMPUTER] 1 NOS 16430.83 16430.83 Bangalore ACC Duty More
14 04-Feb-15 84733030 GERMANY 51003-1040-08-4 SMARC-SAM6I 4X0.8 1/4 GB 1GB DRAM MEMORY DOWN,4GB ONBOARD FLASH INDUSTRIAL TEMPERATURE WITH SATA SUPPORT 3 NOS 8972.37 26917.12 Bangalore ACC Duty More
15 04-Feb-15 84733030 GERMANY 51003-000-99-1 HSP SMARC-SAMX6 FULL SIZE (USED AS EMBEDD COMPUTER SYSTEM) 3 NOS 613.5 1840.49 Bangalore ACC Duty More
16 04-Feb-15 84733030 GERMANY 51100-0000-00-0 SMARC EVAL CARRIER (USED AS EMBEDD COMPUTER SYSTEM) 3 NOS 15107.33 45321.98 Bangalore ACC Duty More
17 04-Feb-15 84733030 GERMANY 51001-1016-12-4 SMARC-SAT30 4X0.8 1GB DRAM MEMORY DOWN 16 GB FLASH (USED AS EMBEDD COMPUTER SYSTEM) 1 NOS 13573.59 13573.59 Bangalore ACC Duty More
18 05-Jun-14 84733099 TAIWAN ROM-5420CD-MDA1E CIRCUIT MODULE FSL I.MX6 DUAL 1GHZ W/ 1GB SMARC MODULE (0.6) (MOTHERBOARD COMPUTER PART) 1 PCS 9527.56 9527.56 Delhi Air Cargo ACC Duty More
19 20-May-14 84733020 GERMANY 51100-0000-00-S SMARC STARTER KIT WITH EVALUATION CARRIER & ACCESSORIES 1 NOS 92007.63 92007.63 Bangalore ACC Duty More
20 20-May-14 84715000 GERMANY 51003-1040-08-4 SMARC SAMX6I RX0,8 1/4GB- ULTRA LOW POWER ARM & SOC BASED SMARC MODULE WITH ACCESSORIES 4 NOS 11073.32 44293.3 Bangalore ACC Duty More
21 20-May-14 84733099 GERMANY 51003-0000-99-1 HSP SMARC-EAMX8 FULL SIZE-HEAT SPREADER FOR SMARC-SAMX6I FULL SIZED VERSION 4 NOS 720.22 2880.86 Bangalore ACC Duty More
22 28-Apr-14 84733030 SWEDEN KONTRON SMARC-SAMX6I DEVELOPMENT KIT (COMPUTER MODULE) 1 NOS 91098.87 91098.87 Bangalore ACC Duty More
23 19-Feb-14 84733020 GERMANY 61003-1040-08-4 SMARC -sAMX6i 4 X 0.8 1/4GB FREESCALE I MX6 QUAD 800MHz QUAD CORE 1GB DRAM MEMORY DOWN 4GB ON BOARD (MOT 1 NOS 12576.24 12576.24 Bangalore ACC Duty More
24 19-Feb-14 84733020 GERMANY 51100-0000-00-0 SMARC EVALUATION CARRIER (MOTHER BOARD) 1 NOS 12047.83 12047.83 Bangalore ACC Duty More
25 19-Feb-14 84733020 GERMANY 51003-0000-99-1 HSP SMARC sMAXB FULL-SIZE HEATSPREADER (MOTHER BOARD) 1 NOS 739.78 739.78 Bangalore ACC Duty More

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