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India Import data of Mask
India Import Data And Price Of Mask Aligner |

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Sr. No. Date HS Code Country Description Quantity Unit Per Unit (INR) Value (INR) Port of Discharge Cus.Duty / CCR More Details
1 27-Oct-16 84862000 GERMANY MASK ALIGNER MA/BA6 WITH SCIL UNNIL COMPATIBILITY (DTLS AS PER INV, P/LIST AND P.O.) 1 UNT 26601590.59 26601590.59 Kolkata ACC Duty
2 24-Nov-15 84862000 GERMANY 100053310 SMTL MA6BA6 NIL SCIL MASK ALIGNER 1 PCS 20698437.27 20698437.27 Delhi Air Cargo ACC Duty
3 31-Jul-15 90119000 UNITED STATES 68V 350 W MASK ALIGNER - (PARTS FOR OPTICAL EQUIPMENT) 15 PCS 20763.49 311452.39 Chennai Air Cargo ACC Duty
4 30-Jul-15 85414090 UNITED STATES SUSS MJB3 (SN:2108)(ID#3841)(TOPSIDE MASK ALIGNER (350W) WITH ACCESSORIES) 1 UNT 3237050 3237050 Hyderabad ACC Duty
5 16-Jul-15 84198990 GERMANY SMTL MJB4 MASK ALIGNER WITH ACCESSORIES PO IAP/F00355/14 1 SET 9561796.25 9561796.25 Bangalore ACC Duty
6 05-Jun-15 84862000 GERMANY DOUBLE SIDED MASK ALIGNER SUSS MA/BA6 MASK AND BOND ALIGNER 1 SET 16811218.71 16811218.71 Sahar Air Cargo ACC Duty
7 10-Mar-15 84862000 GERMANY SMTL MA6BA6 MASK AND BOND ALIGNER WITH ACCESSORIES (G305416) 1 SET 27654208.84 27654208.84 Trivandrum ACC Duty
8 27-Jan-15 90319000 GERMANY SENSORHEAD MA150/200-SI/GAAS/INP (G176546R) )SPARES FOR MASK ALIGNER) ( FOR R&D PURPOSE) 1 PCS 113739.13 113739.13 Delhi Air Cargo ACC Duty
9 27-Jan-15 85371000 GERMANY PC-BOARD X-PAL PREALIGNER PART B (G163807) (SPARES FOR MASK ALIGNER) ( FOR R&D PURPOSE) 1 PCS 74355.55 74355.55 Delhi Air Cargo ACC Duty
10 27-Jan-15 85371000 GERMANY PC-BOARD T-PAL A SI/GAAS/INP (G183599) ( SPARES FOR MASK ALIGNER) ( FOR R&D PURPOSE) 1 PCS 37612.81 37612.81 Delhi Air Cargo ACC Duty
11 04-Dec-14 84862000 GERMANY SMTL MA6BA6 MASK AND BOND ALIGNER(MASK AND BOND ALIGNER SYSTEM) PO SITAR/313NPM/J002A 1 SET 17052166.08 17052166.08 Bangalore ACC Duty
12 02-Dec-14 85392990 AUSTRIA LAMP USH 508 S USHIO SUPER/SUPPLY OF MERCURY LAMP 500W(EVG MASK ALIGNER) P/N 10010568 PO SITAR/414B009A 5 NOS 48894.24 244471.19 Bangalore ACC Duty
13 16-Jul-14 84862000 GERMANY DOUBLE SIDED MASK ALIGNER MS6BA6 WITH SPARES & ACCESSORIES(DSIR REGN NO11/69/88-TU-V DT1.4.13 TIL 31.3.2016) 1 SET 30335122.09 30335122.09 Bangalore ACC Duty
14 23-Apr-14 84198990 GERMANY SMTL UPGADE MASK ALIGNER G305576 WITH ACCESSORIES PO CENSE/NKB/MITO/FS00506/13 1 UNT 2966554.48 2966554.48 Bangalore ACC Duty
15 04-Apr-14 90119000 AUSTRIA OBJECTIVE PLAN 20X/0.35/ SUPPLY OF OBJECTIVE 20X FOR EVG MASK ALIGNER P/N Z000000/ 10010426 PO SITAR/414A003A 2 SET 463920.34 927840.67 Bangalore ACC Duty


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Import Data And Price Of Mask Aligner |

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