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India Import data of Foss
India Import Data And Price Of Foss Ds2500 |

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Sr. No. Date HS Code Country Description Quantity Unit Per Unit (INR) Value (INR) Port of Discharge Cus.Duty / CCR More Details
1 28-Oct-16 90273020 DENMARK (76003000)FOSS NIRS DS2500 F SPECTROPHOTOMETER SYSTEM NO:91791946 WITH ACCESSORIES 1 NOS 2528819.09 2528819.09 Bangalore ACC Duty
2 24-Aug-16 90273020 DENMARK (76003000)FOSS NIRS DS2500 F SPECTROPHOTOMETER ANALYSERSYSTEM NO:91788784,USER MANUAL AND QG, POWER CABLE, EUROPE 1 NOS 2536306 2536306 Bangalore ACC Duty
3 23-Jul-16 90273020 DENMARK FOSS NIRS DS2500 F (SPECTROMETER ANALYSER) SYSTEM SL.NO.91787371 WITH SMALL SAMPLE CUP(SET OF 10) AND POWER CABLE 1 UNT 3520421 3520421 Chennai Air Cargo ACC Duty
4 08-Jul-16 90273020 DENMARK FOSS NIRS DS 2500(NIRS DS2500 ANALYZER)(76001000)(SPECTROPHOTOMETER ANALYZER)(ITEMS AS PER INVOICE) 1 UNT 3877023 3877023 Delhi Air Cargo ACC Duty
5 21-Apr-16 90273020 DENMARK (76003000)FOSS NIRS DS2500 WITH ACCESSORIES(NEAR-INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY) 1 NOS 3031888.14 3031888.14 Bangalore ACC Duty
6 22-Mar-16 90279090 DENMARK FOSS NIRS DS 2500-76001000 INCLUDED NIRS DS2500 ANALYZER, ISI SCAN NOVA SOFTWARE MOSAIC LINK OWNERS GUIDE (GB ONLY) 1 PCS 4217631.71 4217631.71 Sahar Air Cargo ACC Duty
7 25-Feb-16 90273010 DENMARK FOSS NIRS DS2500 F: FEED ANALYZER UNIT (MATERIAL NO. 76003000) 1 NOS 2996138.27 2996138.27 Chennai Air Cargo ACC Duty
8 29-Dec-15 90273020 DENMARK (76001000)FOSS NIRS DS 2500 SPECTROPHOTOMETER ANALYSER.INCLUDES NIRS DS2500 ANALYSER WITH ACCESSORIES 1 NOS 3471372.81 3471372.81 Bangalore ACC Duty
9 28-Nov-15 90273020 DENMARK (76003000)FOSS NIRS DS2500 F SPECTROPHOTOMETER SYSTEM NO:91775737 WITH ACCESSORIES 1 NOS 2614587.94 2614587.94 Bangalore ACC Duty
10 16-Oct-15 90318000 CHINA FOSS NIRS DS 2500-76001000 INCLUDED NIRS DS2500 ANALYZER ISISCAN NOVA SOFTWARE MOSAIC LINK OWNERS GUIDE (GB) ONLY 1 PCS 4262974.57 4262974.57 Sahar Air Cargo ACC Duty
11 06-Aug-15 90273020 DENMARK (76001000)FOSS NIRS DS 2500 WITH NIRS DS2500 ANALYSER,ISISCAN NOVA SOFWARE MOSAIC LINK AND ACCESSORIES 1 NOS 2997678.69 2997678.69 Bangalore ACC Duty
12 24-Apr-15 90273020 DENMARK SPECTROPHOTOMETER ANALYSER-KMAT FOSS NIRS DS2500 F SYSTEM NO.91764682 WITH ACCESSORIES PART NO.76003000 1 SET 2462804.26 2462804.26 Ahemdabad Air ACC Duty
13 29-Dec-14 90273020 DENMARK (76001000)FOSS NIRS DS 2500 SPECTROPHOTOMETER ANALYSERWITH NIRS DS2500 ANALYSER, ISI SCAN NOVA SOFTWARE & ACCESSO 1 NOS 3074649.45 3074649.45 Bangalore ACC Duty
14 02-Aug-14 90318000 SWEDEN BASIC UNIT FOSS NIRS DS2500 SR: SER. NO. 91751507 INCLUDING RELEVENT ACCESSORIES 1 SET 5102379.29 5102379.29 Ahemdabad Air ACC Duty
15 16-Jul-14 90273020 DENMARK (76001000)FOSS NIRS DS2500 SPECTROPHOTOMETER ANALYSERWITH ACCESSORIES 1 NOS 3438500.16 3438500.16 Bangalore ACC Duty


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Import Data And Price Of Foss Ds2500 |

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