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Sr. No. Date HS Code Country Description Quantity Unit Per Unit (INR) Value (INR) Port of Discharge Cus.Duty / CCR More Details
2 01-Sep-15 90318000 AUSTRIA DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM,P.NO.DEWE2-A13,PO CIE/F00397/14 1 NOS 6682102.63 6682102.63 Bangalore ACC Duty More
3 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN MICROSCOPE EQUIPMENT- MICROSCOPE FRAME P/N BXFM-F PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 SET 18774.61 18774.61 Bangalore ACC Duty More
4 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN ILLUMINATOR ATTACHMENT P/N BXFM-ILH PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 9313.57 9313.57 Bangalore ACC Duty More
5 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN ILHSPU COUNTER SPRING P/N BXFM PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 9720.56 9720.56 Bangalore ACC Duty More
6 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN LARGE TABLE STAND SZ-STL PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 17559.54 17559.54 Bangalore ACC Duty More
7 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN PILLAR P/N SZH-P600 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 4417.9 4417.9 Bangalore ACC Duty More
8 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN DROP PREVENTION COLLAR P/N SZX-R PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 2430.14 2430.14 Bangalore ACC Duty More
9 11-Apr-14 85392990 JAPAN UNIVERSAL REFLECTED LIGHT ILLUMINATOR P/N BX-URA2 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 76531.74 76531.74 Bangalore ACC Duty More
10 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN LAMP HOUSING FOR 100 WHALOGEN P/N U-LH100-3 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 9868.02 9868.02 Bangalore ACC Duty More
11 11-Apr-14 85392990 JAPAN HALOGEN BULB JC12V100WHAL -L PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 3 NOS 1138.39 3415.17 Bangalore ACC Duty More
12 11-Apr-14 85049090 JAPAN POWER SUPPLY P/N TH4 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 13731.48 13731.48 Bangalore ACC Duty More
13 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN QUINTUPLE REVOLVING NOSEPIECE P/N U-D5BDRE PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 23410.75 23410.75 Bangalore ACC Duty More
14 11-Apr-14 85371000 JAPAN TRINOCULAR TUBE P/N U-TR30-2 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 42185.36 42185.36 Bangalore ACC Duty More
15 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN WIDE FIELD P/N WHN10X PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 2 NOS 5668.36 11336.72 Bangalore ACC Duty More
16 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN PLAN SEMI APOCHROMAT BF/DF OBJECTIVE 5X PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 17229.23 17229.23 Bangalore ACC Duty More
17 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN PLAN SEMI APOCHROMAT BF/DF OBJECTIVE 10X P/N MPLFLN10XBD PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 23593.6 23593.6 Bangalore ACC Duty More
18 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN LONG WD M PLAN SEMI APOCHROMAT BF/DF OBJECTIVE 20X P/N LMPLFLN20XBD PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 69500.85 69500.85 Bangalore ACC Duty More
19 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN LONG WD M PLAN SEMI APOCHROMAT BF/DF OBJECTIVE 50X P/N LMPLFLN50XBD PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 82825.33 82825.33 Bangalore ACC Duty More
20 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN VIDEO ATTACHMENT P/N U-TV0.5XC-3 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 24035.98 24035.98 Bangalore ACC Duty More
21 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN MIRROR UNIT FOR INCIDENT LIGHT BRIGHT FIELD OBSERVATION P/N U-MBF3 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 5190.59 5190.59 Bangalore ACC Duty More
22 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN MIRROR UNIT FOR INCIDENT LIGHT DARK FIELD OBSERVATION P/N U-MDF3 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 6441.05 6441.05 Bangalore ACC Duty More
23 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN MIRROR UNIT FOR INCICENT LIGHT DIC OBSERVATION P/N U-MDIC3 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 29521.49 29521.49 Bangalore ACC Duty More
24 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN POLARIZER SLIDER P/N U-P03 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 17040.48 17040.48 Bangalore ACC Duty More
25 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN ANALYZER 360-DEGREE ROTATABLE FOR REFLECTED LIGHT P/N U-AN360-3 PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 21865.37 21865.37 Bangalore ACC Duty More
26 11-Apr-14 85392990 JAPAN REFLECTED LIGHT DIC SLIDER P/N U-DICR PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 71193.69 71193.69 Bangalore ACC Duty More
27 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN VIDEO PORT P/N U-TLU PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 12628.47 12628.47 Bangalore ACC Duty More
28 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN DUAL PORT UNIT P/N U-DP PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 SET 41005.68 41005.68 Bangalore ACC Duty More
29 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN DUAL PORT UNIT P/N U-DP1XC PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 13696.08 13696.08 Bangalore ACC Duty More
30 11-Apr-14 90119000 JAPAN LONG WD M PLAN SEMI APOCHROMAT BF/DF OBJECTIVE P/N LMPLFN1000XBD PO ME/1240/XIIP/VS/F00397/13 1 NOS 147312.54 147312.54 Bangalore ACC Duty More

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