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India export data of N118
India Export Data and Price of N118 |

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Sr. No. Date HS Code Country Description Port Of Destination Quantity (INR) Unit Value (INR) Per Unit (INR) Port Of Loading HS-CCR More Details
2 28-Jun-16 85015190 CHINA G493L1022 G-3LM2-078-00-01-01-00-000 MOTOR G3 L05 STD Serial No.: N117, N118, N119 SHANGHAI - PU DONG 3 NOS 73847.57 24615.86 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
3 19-May-16 85015190 CHINA G493L1057 G-3LM6-046-01-01-01-00-000 MOTOR G3 L25 STD SERIAL NO:N115, N117, N118, N120, N121, N124, N126, N128,N129,N130 SHANGHAI - PU DONG 10 NOS 378753.01 37875.3 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
4 02-May-16 85015190 CHINA G493L1026 G-3LM6-046-00-01-01-03-000 MOTOR G3 L25 STD SERIAL NO:N115,N116,N117,N118,N119 SHANGHAI - PU DONG 5 NOS 152771.97 30554.39 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
5 16-Apr-16 85371000 KUWAIT OTHER APPARATUS FOR A VOLTAGE NOT EXCEEDING 1000V/ LV AND MV BUSDUCTS, 440V,800A,75KA / 1 SEC NON, TAG NO.BD-1107-N118 Shuwaikh 1 SET 1019934.52 1019934.52 Bangalore ICD HS-CCR
6 10-Mar-16 85371000 KUWAIT OTHER APPARATUS FOR A VOLTAGE NOT EXCEEDING 1000V, LV AND MV BUSDUCTS, 400V,1600A,75KA / 1 SEC ,TAG NO.BD-1136-N118, S.N Shuwaikh 1 SET 1475147.35 1475147.35 Bangalore ICD HS-CCR
7 16-Oct-15 90283090 NETHERLANDS SERVOCONTROL MECHANISM & PRECISION COMPONENTS G4TF-330M-050AB-00 CLU04084-103/CL100 G4TF MOTOR SL/NO: N116,N117, N118 AMSTERDAM, SCHIPHOL 3 NOS 209773.2 69924.4 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
8 29-Sep-15 90283090 NETHERLANDS SERVOCONTROL MECHANISM & PRECISION COMPONENTS G4TF-330M-075AB-00 CLU04083-103/CL150 G4TF MOTOR SL/NO: N118,N120, N121 AMSTERDAM, SCHIPHOL 3 NOS 263513.25 87837.75 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
9 23-May-14 84129090 UNITED STATES G402-535A G2 L20 BRK.S.S 9K6 PLAIN SHAFTSL NO:N117,N118 MILAN 2 NOS 34442.1 17221.05 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
10 28-Apr-14 88033000 UNITED STATES AIRCRAFT PART CPC P/N 64547-130530-5 S/N118-C0392 DALLAS/FT. WORTH, TX 1 NOS 1659270.6 1659270.6 Delhi Air Cargo ACC HS-CCR
11 19-Apr-14 84129090 UNITED STATES G404-1020A G-4FV9-030-05-02-01-01 MOTORG4 L60 SPL SL.NO.N117,N118,N119 MILAN 3 NOS 150792 50264 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
12 01-Mar-14 88033000 UNITED STATES G403-035A G3 MOTOR L25 UL S&K SEAL BRAKE0 DEG CONNECTOR ORDER : 93S10878 PO : 131224NU01 SERIAL NO : N117, N118 NEW YORK 2 NOS 34815.9 17407.95 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
13 20-Feb-14 85015190 CHINA MOTOR PMC6 L45 SPL ( PMC6-V045-028-61-10-001 ) G476-1022, PO: 00004135, SL No: N116 , N117, N118, N154, N161, N162, N163 Shanghai 9 NOS 747117 83013 Bangalore ICD HS-CCR
14 06-Feb-14 88033000 UNITED STATES G476-1019, PMC6-V060-017-71Y0-001, MOTORPMC6 L60 SPL, SERIAL NO:N116, N117,N118,N119,N122,N123 ROME 6 NOS 564573.9 94095.65 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
15 06-Feb-14 84129090 UNITED STATES G493L1030 G-3LM8-038-00-01-01-00-000 MOTOR G3 L40 EX-D SL NO:N114,N115,N116,N117,N118 MILAN 5 NOS 128312.25 25662.45 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
16 30-Jan-14 88033000 UNITED STATES MPL-A1520U-HJ74AA,G2 MOTOR L10 S&K 230VUL PTC INCRMNTL BRK ROKWEL Order: 93S10768 PO: 3003629162/00 Serial No.: N118, N CHICAGO O'HARE INT'L 2 NOS 31089.67 15544.84 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
17 18-Jan-14 88033000 UNITED STATES G415-804A,G-5-M8-022-06-01-01-00 MOTOR G5 L50 STD Order: 93S10255 PO: 131113NU95Serial No.: N118 NEW YORK JOHN F. K 1 NOS 28090.8 28090.8 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
18 18-Jan-14 88033000 UNITED STATES G404-172A,G4 MOTOR L20 s&k SHAFT SEAL ULNTC Order: 93S09871 PO: 131009Z901 Serial No.: N118 NEW YORK JOHN F. K 1 NOS 17258.38 17258.38 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR
19 06-Jan-14 88033000 UNITED KINGDOM G405-2016A , G-5-V9-022-01-01-08-01, MOTOR G5 L70 SPL, S/L NO:N118 LONDON METROPOLITAN 1 NOS 72159.4 72159.4 Bangalore ACC HS-CCR


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Export Data And Price Of N118 |

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