African Exports

African Nations exports a variety of goods and merchandises ranging from Gold, Diamonds, Soft Drink Concentrates Crude Oil, Refined Petroleum Products, Coffee, Sisal, Fish, Fish Products, Timber, and Cotton. Many African economies are dependent on exports of oil, metals and minerals and the impact of the commodities slump is being felt across the continent. Exports […]

Global Wheat Export and Import – A Synopsis

Wheat is a widely cultivated crop that is grown for its seed. It is a cereal grain that is a staple food in many parts of the world. The wheat is a grass of the genus Triticum. With a protein content of 13%, wheat is a major source of vegetal protein in the human diet. Wheat […]

Importance of Import Data for Business Growth

Global trade, also known as international trade is simply the process of importing and exporting goods and services across the national boundaries. Import and export of products and services are the most important aspect of the global economy. The basic concept for both import and export is very simple. The sale of good to the […]


Custom duty is a variant of Indirect Tax and is applicable on all goods imported and a few goods exported out of the country. Duties levied on import of goods are termed as import duty while duties levied on exported goods are termed as export duty. Countries over the globe levy custom duties on import and export […]

Export and Import Data plays very decisive role in the global trade market. Success of Business Ventures depends on the quality and reliability of Import and Export data that’s why it is considered the Golden key of success for trade business. Exim Data also detail the Tariff Charges, Transportation Charges, Insurance Charges, FOB Cost and […]